Graphic Memoir 3-Day Workshop - Feb 15-17, 2020


Are you working on a Graphic Memoir?

Announcing SAW's  first ever GRAPHIC MEMOIR RETREAT and WORKSHOP. Led by Tom Hart and Beth Trembley.

PRESIDENT'S DAY WEEKEND, Sat, Sun and Monday, Feb 15-17, 2020

We are renting a small house in town for this. The house has room for 4-8 to sleep. See ticket details for more about that. 

Breakfasts included.


Saturday 2/15/2020

  • Sat morning, convene in the house for omelets, coffee and other breakfast sundries.

  • Sat morn post-breakfast reading and sharing of work led by Beth Trembley.

  • Break for lunch.

  • Meet at SAW after lunch. Presentation by Tom Hart.

  • Work time until whenever.

  • Meet back at house after dinner for wind down. Some will stay in the house, others might not.

Sunday 2/16/2020

  • Sunday morning. Breakfast in house the same.

  • Reading and sharing and brief exercise led by Beth Tremebley.

  • Break for lunch.

  • Meet at SAW after lunch for a presentation from Jen Sandwich (We love her work so much: ) Jen keeps copious journals and diaries and is a real inspiration when it comes to believing in telling your story.)

  • Evening work and social time.

Monday 2/17/2020

  • Morning breakfast, check-in and sharing.

  • Check out of house.

  • At SAW for rest of day for work time and sharing until people start catching flights, etc.

We're excited about this event, and would love to see you!


Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 10.59.03 AM.png

There are two private bedrooms with queen beds, a sunroom with two comfy futons, and some floor space in the living room if need be. It's going to be a bit tight, but that's what we're going for: some friendly sharing and understanding of each other and each other's work...


Will Tom Hart be there the whole time?
Yes, from morning to about dinner time each day.

Should I get in Friday night? 
Ideally! We have the house from Friday afternoon til Monday morning.

Can we stay overtime at SAW to work?
Yes, you will have 24/hour access to the library and studio.

Interested in  HOUSING  beyond the tickets mentioned below?

Gainesville is a major university town and as such, very friendly to students and visitors. A quick web search should turn up number of local hotels, a hostel, and several bed-and-breakfasts within walking distance of SAW; there are also plenty great spots listed on AirBnB. There are options in all price ranges.

Or AirBandB, which has spare beds and bedrooms in various houses, check them out here:–FL . Or Couchsurfing.Org, here.  

This FACEBOOK Group has young people in Gainesville looking for apartments, rooming situations, etc.

This one is particularly queer-friendly:

If you’re having trouble finding housing, contact we may have some leads for you.