Leela Corman: The Blood Road

Leela Corman has put out a new amazing piece, BLOOD ROAD, about visiting the Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany. 

"I’m also interested in breaking down – no, destroying – the neat narrative of history," Corman says. "History isn’t neat. History is chaos. We try to make order out of the chaos later on when we are safe but that’s just not how it actually happens."

Picturing Victory from Brooklyn to Buchenwald: Leela Corman on history, fiction, and putting faces to facts

SAW instructor Leela Corman is currently working on Victory Parade, a graphic novel set during the Second World War in Brooklyn, New York and at the Allied liberation of Buchenwald. This book is about women working in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, war refugees, amateur women’s wrestling, and the trauma of witnessing death camps. 

See her work in THE BELIEVER this month, or at TABLET (above) or read this Interview with Leela Corman