Can TRUTH and CRAFT co-exist?

Back at the dawn of the internet, there was an argument about whether or not “Craft is the Enemy”. James Kochalka led the charge, saying he’d rather see an intense, raw, scrawled story than someone aping other people’s techniques. 

I tend to agree. Give me the outsider artist any day. The beginning student who has stumbled their way into a brilliant powerful image or story. The artist just starting out with too much to say.

But I also know every time I personally strived for more - visually, narratively, or emotionally, my own art and story practice became deeper. 

When Justine Andersen walked into my school looking to teach, I instantly recognized a brilliant portfolio and master artist. 

I also recognized a compliment to my “you have the power to say what you need to say right now” mentality.


Justine, I knew, just from looking at her work, was never satisfied, and always believed she could express herself better. 

That there were standards to reach for, and striving for them takes a lifetime.

Both can co-exist!

Justine embodied this belief. She says, “The more you study and practice, the more you have access to the truth when you need it.” I believe this too.

And so at SAW we are the two-headed comedy vs. tragedy, earth vs. sky, male vs. female, craft vs. truth, whatever vs. whatever duality.

And we know you are somewhere on that path, crossing back and forth between TRUTH and CRAFT, too. 


SAW Course Spotlight


Stop Struggling!  Have you sat in awe of great inking and given yourself a headache trying to work out how they did it? How they created clean lines and drawings that were crisp and lovely rather than messy or ugly?

Was your only comfort to fall back on thinking, "I could never do that?"

Well... you can. 

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