Put Your Heart, Mind, & Soul on Canvas

What kind of work will I produce in your class? By the end of the class, what will I have to show? 

You will produce work which comes uniquely from you, your heart, mind, and soul, expressed on canvas.

How will we spend time in class?

The first 30 minutes of class will be a guided meditation. We will then do a painting inspired by mental images from this meditation.

What’s an example of an assignment you might give?

After meditating, we will contemplate each image from our meditation and the instructor will ask questions about how to represent it, questions such as “Is it large or small? Cool or hot? Rounded or pointy? These questions will help the class paint their individual interpretations of the experience.

How would you describe your teaching approach or style?

I would say I’m very laid back and I try to give each student their space to express emotions, thoughts and feelings.

What’s your work or professional experience? What about that experience made you want to teach this class?

I have been an artist all my life, a professional graphic designer for twenty years, and taught this class in the Tampa - St. Petersburg area for two years. I wanted to create a class which was more focused on emotion than style, and thought meditation would be  good way for students to be guided to personal insights they can express visually.

How many hours a week will I spend on this class— just the in-class time, or should I plan for extra time for homework?

The class will have no take home homework, it’s all in-class.

If I’m new to drawing and comics, can I still take this class?

Absolutely! Most of my students haven’t painted since they were children. Artistic talent helps, but it’s not a requirement.

No, I mean REALLY can’t draw very well… I’m a total beginner.  Can I still take this class?


If this class was a sandwich or a song or an animal, what sandwich/song/animal would it be?

“Ride My See-Saw” by the Moody Blues. The long version.

Meditative Art begins on January 29th, 2018 and runs six Mondays. 

Sliding Scale pricing options: $85, $150, and $214

Sequential Artists Workshop