"I've been struggling to pull a full story together.."

"I've been struggling to pull a full story together despite having ideas all the time..."

...and other testimonials.

We're proud of the testimonials we've gotten at SAW so I hope you don't mind if we share a few:

I've been struggling to pull a full story together despite having ideas all the time. This class gave me effective tools to follow through with the storytelling process. - (collected Anonymously)
It's started me sketching again, which I honestly have not done to any great degree in probably five or six years. - Theodore M.
That said, I think this drawing is 1000 times better than something I might have attempted six weeks ago. - Justin F
These are amazing courses. I feel like I'm I'm being stretched and challenged in ways that I had no idea I could possibly achieve! - Sandra L
I feel really good about this one and also like I've finally pushed forward and am ready to start taking my work to a new level. I'm so glad I talked myself into signing up for this class. Thank you! -Dave H
Its brought a little " i can" back into my creative. - James S.
I just keep wondering why so little of this stuff has ever come up in the drawing classes I've taken before. - Lisa S



I just wanted to say that this class was plenty rad.  I have never really written a comic in this way, and I think it is really helping to get me "unstuck"…this class is doing a number on me, so thanks!  - Robert S.

(Above image is from Ayal Pinkus, Birds Uncaged, from Tom Hart's Storytelling Flow class. Thanks, Ayal!) 
For the first time ever, I have the storyline for a comic! I feel like I'm just starting to hear my own voice. Yay!!! ...


I have to say I deeply appreciate your style of teaching- both encouraging and growth oriented. I feel like I have made more progress in your class than any drawing class I've ever taken, frankly. Thank you. - Charl E.

 It was grand to think in my old way again. I’ve started to draw the panels for my one woman show. Before this class, I was going to hire another artist. - K.V.
And collected anonymously:

I love the fact that I can study at SAW without being there in person (as much as I would love that). I appreciate the democratic access to this rather sophisticated education. The value of the class was to me very high- receiving college quality instruction for that price seems crazy. Totally grateful!

Really, Tom, this was an amazing course. You opened up whole lot of creative possibilities for me. I am really looking forward to more courses!


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